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Player Code Policy

In order to make the pro-am series the most equitable and fair experience possible for all players, the following Player Code Policy will be in effect for the upcoming season:

There are three player codes for Amateurs: A, B and C players.

Each amateur will begin the season coded as an A, B or C player based on their:


A) Handicap

  •    A player - 0-7.9 handicap

  •    B player - 8-14.9 handicap

  •    C player - 15+ handicap


B) Most recent player code from prior season if "A" is not applicable

c) Scoring average if "A" and "B" are not applicable

  • A player - 77.9 and below

  • B player - 78 - 85.9

  • C player - 86 and above

Note: Players do not have to have an official USGA GHIN handicap to participate. 

Once a player has competed in at least one pro-am for the season, their player code is determined by a rolling average of their most recent 10 pro-am scores only. The chart below outlines how the average is calculated based on a player's last 10 pro-am scores:

Player Code Averages Chart

Click here to view Player Averages Database.

Player codes will be updated weekly and will be determined by each players rolling pro-am scoring average. Player codes will be determined by the following averages: 

A player - 77.9 and below

B player - 78 - 85.9

C player - 86 and above

Additional weekly player code guidelines:

If a B or C player shoots under par, they will automatically be bumped to an A player for that week.

If a C player shoots under 75 (but above par), they will automatically be bumped to a B player for that week.

Special note on withdrawals:


Players are not permitted to post a score for a pro-am if they do not finish all 18 holes of their round for any reason. In situations where a player doesn't complete all 18 holes and doesn't receive a refund, their score will be tabulated as a No Card and they will still receive participation points for that event. If a player receives a refund, they are removed from the tournament and do not receive participation points.

Click here to view withdrawal policy.

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