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Hole No. 1

Hole No. 2

90 yards

Nothing gets the heart pounding like the 1st at Beverly Park. With the tee box located next to the iconic silo, the opening hole leads golfers up the hill where a narrow green awaits. The miss here is short as anything long results in a tricky chip or downhill putt.

109 yards

With out of bounds lurking to the left, No. 2 provides golfers a risk-reward shot early in their round. A bad swing and they risk the road. A good swing and they're rewarded a nice look at birdie on the flattest green Beverly Park has to offer. 

Hole No. 3

Hole No. 4

146 yards

A precisely placed evergreen protects the hole from golfers who may want to bring their tee ball in low from left to right. The hole is slightly uphill requiring its challengers to add 3-5 yards to their approach shots. A fair green awaits at the crest of the hill where golfers hopefully didn't miss long and right.

142 yards

With East Tennessee gorse bushes scattered along the left side of the hole, any thoughts one may have had of worm burnering a shot in from left to right are out the window. A wide green protected by a false front on the right side suggests the miss here is short left.

Hole No. 5

Hole No. 6

110 yards

Welcome to the midway point of Beverly Park Par 3. The 5th hole greets golfers with a friendly downhill approach that maxes out at a comfortable 110 yards. But beware! The only two bunkers on the course protect the green from those sneaky golfers who will try to roll one up close. 

174 yards

Our Mona Lisa. The 6th is the longest hole at Beverly Park GC and local knowledge will tell golfers the hole plays a full club uphill. There's a lateral water hazard left and the stunning silo view can also be a distraction for those players in search of the perfect Instagram photo. The good news is there's no filter needed. This golf hole has it all.

Hole No. 7

Hole No. 8

98 yards

The home stretch at Beverly Park begins with the photogenic 7th. A babbling creek surrounded by tall, thick, healthy grass meanders the entire length of the hole and serves as a strong shield for the tucked green. The bailout shot from the tee is right as anything left of the green will find its way into our version of "Rae's Creek".

85 yards

The 8th presents golfers with the grandest elevation change on the course. Don't let the yardage fool you. At the top of the hill sits its protector - the smallest green in Knox County. A minimalist green depth design demands precision from golfers if they wish to hit the green in regulation. If a golfer misses the green and still has hopes for par, we suggest missing short.

Hole No. 9

110 yards

When golfers arrive at the 9th tee we feel as if they should be rewarded. The reward? The best view in all of Fountain City. After a few pictures golfers will need to snap back into focus and pay close attention to the hole location. The pin position on this narrow, long green could alter club selection. A front left pin is go-go green light while anything back left or right will require a more conservative approach.

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