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Welcome to the TGF Five Chip Challenge!

Don't miss your chance to win a KPF Branded Bills snapback, a TGF valuables pouch or a TGF golf towel!

Who says you can't have a golf competition while social distancing in your own backyard? The Five Chip Challenge was created to provide a fun, social competition for our community of golfers to enjoy and participate in during this unprecedented time. It is our hope the challenge will provide an escape from negativity and a way for us to stay connected while offering an outlet of normalcy and camaraderie that we all miss and look forward to returning to soon.  

How it works

The Five Chip Challenge will last from Thursday, March 26th through Tuesday, April 14th.


Each day a golfer may submit a Five Chip Challenge video via Twitter or Instagram (be sure to tag @knoxareagolf in your video) each day for the length of the challenge. You will need golf balls, a club and a five gallon bucket. Your chips must be from at least seven (7) yards away. See "scoring" section below to learn how your daily score will be tallied. Your four best daily scores over the nine days of the challenge are added together to give you your total score. There is NOT a minimum number of videos/days of competition you are required to submit.


You must record your five chips and post them on Twitter or Instagram. Once the video is received we will upload your score to the leaderboard found below. The top three individuals after April 3rd, are the winners. Super simple. 

Rules of Competition

  1. Just like golf, the Five Chip Challenge is a game of integrity and honesty. If you start recording your video and you go 0 for 5, sorry, you have to submit it. There are no mulligans, do-overs or "two off the firsts". Don't cheat. If you have a bad score, don't worry, you have another chance the next day!

  2. You get a total of five chips each day. Hit them all at one time and record the entire session. 

  3. You must record your five chips and submit the video on Twitter or Instagram. When submitting your video be sure to tag @knoxareagolf so we can record your score on the leaderboard (found below).

  4. You may submit one video per day from March 26th through April 3rd (a total of nine videos maximum)

  5. Your target must be a five gallon bucket or something of similar size. 

  6. Your chip shot must be at least seven (7) yards in distance

  7. Your chips can either be outdoors or indoors (seek permission from a parent before skulling your Pro V across the living room)

  8. No cheating


You will take five (5) shots each day. Each shot will be awarded a point value:


5 points - ball flies in and comes to rest in bucket

4 points - ball flies in bucket but comes to rest outside bucket

3 points - ball bounces in and comes to rest in bucket (if ball bounces in bucket and then bounces out, one (1) point)

2 points - ball hits bucket in air

1 point - ball bounces and then hits the bucket

0 points - ball doesn't make contact with the bucket

After all five (5) chips have been hit, add up your total and that's your score for the day. A perfect daily score is 25.

Your total score for the competition is the sum of your four (4) best daily scores. A perfect total score is 100. 


1st Place - Kids Play Free Branded Bills snapback

2nd Place - TGF valuables pouch

3rd Place - TGF golf towel

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